Municipality of Grey Highlands - The place for all seasons Municipality of Grey Highlands - The place for all seasons Municipality of Grey Highlands - The place for all seasons
Municipality of Grey Highlands - The place for all seasons Municipality of Grey Highlands - The place for all seasons Municipality of Grey Highlands - The place for all seasons

Municipality of Grey Highlands, the place for all seasons!
Transportation and Environmental Services

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Transportation and Environmental Services


For the 2017 Collection Schedule please look under Reports & Downloads (in the right margin of this page) 


We can all do our part to reduce waste and keep items out of our landfills.

Trucks begin collecting at 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.  Please note: Different trucks pick up recycling and waste at different times, all items must be at the curb by 7 a.m.

  • Blue Box collection takes place every other week
  • Garbage collection takes place weekly (Maximum: 3 bags per property)

Collection Day  

  • Monday - Beaver Valley/Eugenia Lake Area
  • Tuesday - Artemesia Area
  • Wednesday - Euphrasia Area
  • Thursday - Priceville, Flesherton, & Markdale
  • Friday - Osprey Area

Blue Box Recycling Collection

Blue box collection services are provided by Mid Ontario Disposal.

Collection Schedule and information on accepted items.



For questions about recycling not collected, contact Mid Ontario Disposal at 1.800.461.8960.  

Any other questions please contact the Transportation and Environmental Services Department at 519.986.1216 extension 238.


Recycling at Waste Disposal Sites (WDS)

The Municipality of Grey Highlands has set up a number of programs at the waste disposal sites for the residents: 


Christmas Lights and Electrical Cord Recycling

Bring your unwanted (working or not) christmas light strings and decorations with lights as well as electrical cords to any of the WDS for free.


Ontario Tire Stewardship Program

The Municipality has partnered with Ontario Tire Stewardship, to provide tire recycling at our landfills for FREE! Bring your used tires with the rims removed (4 at a time) to any of the WDS for free.


Clothing & Textile Recycling 

Clothesline is an innovative, grass roots program that reaches out to millions of people in every community across Canada. This program collects the things you no longer want or use such as clothing, bedding, pillows, linens, and shoes. Bins are located at MARKDALE and ARTEMESIA WDS.  There are other bins located around the community that also accept these same items.  Items in good condition will be reused and damaged items will be recycled. For more information contact Clothesline at 1-800-505-5525.


Agricultural Bale Wrap Recycling

Bale Wrap collection is provided by Switch Energy (call 519-524-0193).  $60 includes collection and a limited number of clear collection bags.  

  • ACCEPTED: bale wrap, net wrap, plastic twine, green house wrap, shrink wrap & white silage tarps
  • Each material must be in a clear bag (one type of material per bag)
  • 40 pounds limit per bag
  • Bags must be tied shut
  • Material does not need to be washed though should have minimal amount of dirt; shake off mud, stones or straw and hay

These items are recycled into plastic lumber, garbage pails and bags, calf hutches and more!

Effective November 2016 all agricultural bale wrap and related items will be charged at $200 per tonne and received at Markdale & Artemesia only.  Osprey will no longer recieve these materials


Battery Recycling

Every year over 5,000 tonnes of alkaline batteries are sold in Ontario and only 14 tonnes are recycled. Unfortunately many go to our landfills and contribute about 88 per cent of the total mercury and 50 per cent of the cadmium found in the municipal waste stream.

Batteries collected through the Municipality of Grey Highlands waste disposal sites are shipped to Raw Materials Recycling in Port Colborne, Ontario. Over 95 percent of the battery components are recycled. Recycling these reclaimed materials is 80 percent more energy efficient than mining these materials.

You can drop off accepted items for recycling at any of the WDS. 

Accepted Items

Rechargeable batteries including:

  • Nickel Hydride/Lithium Ion
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Small Sealed Lead Acid

Alkaline/primary batteries including:

  • A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Lithium Mercury

Not Accepted

Automobile and marine batteries

These batteries can be accepted at the Owen Sound Public Works Facility during Household Hazardous Waste days.


Electronic or E-Waste

Reusing and recycling electronics instead of sending them to the landfill keeps contaminants out of our environment and saves resources.

You can drop off accepted items for recycling at any WDS.

  • Computers (desktop & portable laptop)
  • Tablets
  • Computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, hard drives, optical drives - CD, Bluray, DVD, HD-DVD)
  • Monitors
  • Televisions
  • Desktop printing devices including desktop copiers and multi-function devices
  • Computer modems
  • Floor standing printing devices including printers, photocopiers, multi-function devices
  • Scanners, typewriters
  • Telephones and answering machines
  • Cellular phones and pagers
  • PDAs
  • Audio and video players and recorders (eg. MP3, cassette, digital)
  • Cameras (web, digital, analog)
  • Equalizers/(pre)amplifiers
  • Radios
  • Receivers
  • Speakers
  • Turntables
  • Video players/projectors, digital frames
  • Video recorders

Visit for more information about this program.



Polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastic made from the styrene monomer. Because it is 95 percent air, it is often used as protective packaging for electronics and appliances. Polystyrene is bulky and takes up a lot of space in our landfills.

You can drop off accepted items for recycling at the all three waste disposal sites.

Accepted Items

  • Remove all tape, plastic and other contaminants.
  • Place polystyrene in clear plastic bags; this makes handling easier for staff.
  • Ensure material is clean and dry.
  • WHITE sytrofoam only

Polystyrene packaging from:

  • Computers
  • Electronics (cameras, TVs, DVD players, etc.)
  • Appliances (toasters, blenders, coffee makers, etc.)

Not Accepted

  • Styrofoam take-out containers
  • Meat trays
  • Coffee cups
  • Disposable dishware
  • Packing peanuts / popcorn
  • Construction insulation, blue and pink
  • Polyethylene foam bags & wrapping


Scrap Metal

Recycling your scrap metals helps to conserve energy and resources.

You can drop off accepted items for recycling at any WDS.

Accepted Items

  • All metal and most metal items
  • Freon appliances will be accepted for a $25 fee.  This fee covers the cost of removing the freon safely
  • Items must be tagged to verify that Freon has been removed. Tagged items and any other metal appliances are accepted for free.

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contact information

Transportation and Environmental Services
Phone: (519) 986-1216
Ext: 238

reports and downloads


2018 Recycling Collection Calendar (pdf - 40 KB)
Posted: December 7, 2017


2017 Christmas Recycling and Waste Schedule for Sites and Collection (pdf - 105 KB)
Posted: December 7, 2017


2017 Recycling and Waste Schedule (pdf - 57 KB)
Collections & Waste Disposal Site Info
Posted: January 5, 2017


Curbside Waste & Recycling Map (pdf - 3703 KB)
Curbside Waste & Recycling Map
Posted: January 8, 2016


Recycling & Waste Tips Sept 2015 (pdf - 259 KB)
Recycling & Waste Tips Sept 2015
Posted: January 8, 2016


What is accepted in my Recycling? (pdf - 230 KB)
Posted: August 19, 2014

In order to view the file attachments above you may require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download can be obtained from the link below:Get Acrobat Reader

Municipality of Grey Highlands - the place for all seasons
Municipality of Grey Highlands, the place for all seasons!